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Spying a Cell Phone

Spying a cell phone these days is really easy and simple. If you remember those old movies from the 80's (or even older) there are many situations where spies needed to overhear somebody's phone or cell phone. To do that they needed highly specialized equipment which cost a lot of money and you could not buy it in your local mall. Or you had to be computer expert with knowledge nobody else had.

Now it is not so. Three basic reason caused a new situation on the mobile market. These reasons are:

-> Parents wanted to be certain about whereabouts of their children
-> Companies wanted to be sure nobody is selling top secret projects
-> People needed proof of their spouse's infidelity.

These three reasons are real reason that today it is really easy to spy on cell phone.

The first reason is the most important one, especially if you deal with a teenager. Even if you ground them, they manage to escape through a window and meet with friends you forbid them to see. And if something happens, you couldn't know where they are. Now you just install a small piece of software in their cell phone and you can always check from your own cell phone where they are.

Second reason is guilty for rapid spreading of spy software among people. Big companies usually give you a cell phone so you can be reached all the time, and to cut the cost of conversation between workers. But managers also know that some people could become greedy when they get access to secret project documents in the company. Contacting competitive company and selling those documents can all be done over the phone in few minutes, and damage to the company can be devastating. So company installs spy software to cell phone they give to workers just to make sure to have proof when something leak out to competition.

Third reason is somewhat private, but also very important. When you marry, you give your heart and soul to other person, but sometimes that other person seems to do something on the side. To be sure what are they doing you just give them a present. Everybody loves presents, especially if the present is a new smartphone (with installed spy software). Very soon you will know everything your spouse is doing when you are not around.

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