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How can I spy on my husband cell phone without touching his cell phone?

Your husband has an android and you some other cell phone. So you ask if you can put spyware on his phone without having access to his cell phone. Actually it can be done. It would be much easier if you can get his cell phone for a few minutes, but it can be done even if you don’t have access to his cell phone.

But there need to be one of two requirements: his cell phone either must have Wifi or Bluetooth turned on. You also need a laptop with either WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity options. It would be better to have both. You need to download a cell spy software on your notebook.

Now it becomes complicated. You need to access his phone from the notebook using WiFi or Bluetooth signal and install a spy software directly into android system folder. For that you need to have a considerable computer knowledge and some specialized software installed on notebook. There is also a problem with legal issues with using this method.

It would be easier if you buy him a completely new cell phone which is better than his old one. On new cell phone you can pre-install monitoring software before giving it to him.

Author: Jericho Miller

My wife cheated on me for years but I was blind. After a friend showed me some cell phone spy software I finally got proof, a now I'm free. (and my house is still mine). I hope these information will help you with your problems.

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